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Four Pillars in Faith

ACC Pastoral Council Members

Father Timothy Gapinski - Pastor of the Four Pillars in Faith ACC

Kris Archibald - St. Mary's, Milaca

Jared Barse - St. Mary's, Milaca

Nancy Frerich - St. Louis Bertrand, Foreston

Katie Kerr - St. Mary's, Mora

Jackie Leveille - St. Mary's, Milaca

Brenda Lundberg - St. Kathryn's, Ogilvie

Amanda Peterson - St. Mary's, Mora

Karen Renaud - St. Mary's, Mora

Rose Ryan - St. Kathryn's, Ogilvie

Amy Udermann - St. Louis Bertrand, Foreston

Rose Voss - St. Kathryn's, Ogilvie

Curtis Wojciechowski - St. Louis Bertrand, Foreston

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